Divorce and Family Law

We have a network of resources at our disposal

Caldwell, Propst & DeLoach, LLP is known for its effective representation of clients facing divorce or other family law issues, with an emphasis on cases involving high net worth families. We have a network of resources that includes some of the best accountants and land and business appraisers available. Our experience in finding and evaluating assets ensures that our clients are treated fairly and given a fair share of their marital assets.

We recognize that our clients need to be fully informed in order to assess their options and make the decision that best suits their situation. When representing clients in divorce or other domestic litigation, we ensure that each client understands the issues inherent in his or her case. We use our skills and training to help each client assess and address the client’s goals and interests. We keep our clients informed on every aspect of the case. While we pursue our client’s rights aggressively at the negotiating table, in court, and, when necessary, on appeal, we also use mediation where appropriate. Used properly, mediation can help to resolve some or all of the issues in a case while minimizing the financial and emotional impact of divorce or separation.

Matters handled include:



Child Support

Child Custody



Marital Property Division including:

Business Assets

Real Estate

Debt Division

Retirement Accounts and Pensions

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Post-Divorce Issues


Recalculation of Child Support

Custody Modification

Visitation Modification


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