Estate Planning

Having an estate plan will help you avoid pitfalls

Estate planning is the process of accumulating, managing, conserving, and transferring wealth during life or after death through the development of a plan that considers personal and family objectives while striving to save taxes, administrative expenses and time. Acting – before illness or death – is estate planning.

An estate plan is essential to insure the distribution of your estate in the manner you wish and to minimize or eliminate exposure to transfer taxes and other liabilities.

Without an estate plan, you can be sure your assets will not be distributed as you would have wished.

Estate planning requires certain basic documents which will guide those who would then carry out your wishes at the appropriate time.

The three cornerstone documents of any estate plan are:

A Will

A Financial Power of Attorney

A Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare.

An estate plan may also include the creation of a trust or trusts to protect or benefit other family members, unborn children, or other beneficiaries, or to protect assets.

True estate planning is not something that can be accomplished with forms or “cookie cutter” approaches. It must be as individual as the client. With our experience, we can ask the right questions and create an estate plan to match your specific needs, goals and particular circumstances.

If you have questions about estate planning or your specific estate plan, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you so that we can discuss your goals and how they might be best accomplished.

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